Hotel TV Solutions

Hotel TV Solutions

End-to-end TV solutions for big hotels, small hostels, hospitals or private houses. Professional installation, service and support. Many years experience in forming and distributing TV signals.

Building Hotel TV From A to Z

Planing and designing

Cable instalation

Equipment instalation




Hotel TV Info Channel

Hotel TV Equipment

Receiving equipment

hotel tv receiving station

Everything starts from receiving station. To broadcast something, first you need to have a content. TV programs can be received from satellite (DVB-S), terrestrial broadcast (DVB-T) or cable operator (DVB-C). For this you need a receiving equipment. We offer branded, innovative, space saving and low power consumption DVB-S/T/C receiving equipment for multiple program receiving and RF output up to 128 programs in 1U.


hotel tv modulator
Our system designed for operations in full compliance with the DVB-T, DVB-T2 & DVB-C standards. We offer a cost effective, professional solution for generating high-quality RF signals suitable for local or wide broadcasting. System is fully controllable through the WEB based interface.

Signal distribution

hotel tv splitter

Commercial quality line of (5-1000 MHz) broadband active (zero loss) RF splitters that meet strict level, match, and loss specifications.
Convenient, centralized rack mount designs improve cable management. Larger configurations eliminate cascading for better performance, reduces cable connector failures.


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